Meet the Ambassadors

On each of our long Sunday runs there will be experienced and very friendly RunBrighton ambassadors to support you on the route and help you achieve your race target. Here’s the current team…




I started running fairly late in life, and evolved from five minutes on the gym treadmill to furtive under-the-cover-of-darkness road running. This progressed to runs in the daylight along the seafront, and finally the road and trail marathon runner you see before you today.




I feel I am best described as a ‘Reluctant Runner’! I joined RunBrighton for the 2014/15 winter season, as I wanted to train for the 2015 Brighton Half and the Brighton Marathon. My sole motivation was to raise money for two particular charities in the year that I had a birthday ending in a ‘0’.

I really appreciated the friendliness, companionship, encouragement and support of the ambassadors, especially as I was always in the slowest group at the back of the pack and needed all the help that was on offer.

I would now like to give something back as a way of saying ‘thank you’ in the hope that I can support others new to RunBrighton, and demonstrate that there is absolutely no shame in walking at times, if it means that you can continue to move forward!




I started running when a friend introduced me to parkrun in 2012. A New Year resolution to stop eating deep fried mars bars, to get fitter and healthier, started in 2013 and I haven’t looked back.  I’m now one of the Core Management Team at Brighton & Hove parkrun and have clocked up over 220 parkruns, along with several 10k’s and half marathons.  I joined RunBrighton in Winter 2014 and with their training and assistance, I ran my first Brighton Marathon in 2015.  I look forward to providing you all with advice, support and encouragement over the summer months.




I have been a participant of the RunBrighton training runs for the past seven years, gaining valuable experience running anything from 10ks to marathons. In April 2016 I ran my 6th Brighton Marathon. I’ve managed to get a little bit faster in my ‘old’ age and, due to RunBrighton’s training, achieved personal best times in both half-marathon and 10 miles.




I have enjoyed running for many years, starting in my early teens at school. I got back into serious running, training and coaching about 10 years ago when my son Jake was competing. I have competed in races of all distances and terrains, cross-country being my favourite. I have been a pacer in the Brighton Marathon, Brighton Half Marathon and a couple of 10k races. I was an ambassador for the Brighton Marathon for the first 4 years. I am also a level 2 running coach.

Last November 2016 I had an Achilles tendon operation due to a long-term injury. I am now starting my running from scratch and am learning to run again so why not learn to run with me, together we can achieve our goals.  Let’s Run!





My life changed in 2009 after a drunken bet was placed with a couple of mates to start running. This culminated in attempting the Great South Run, the Brighton Half and then the first Brighton Marathon. I fell in love with running, kicked my smoking ways and have never looked back!




Whilst on maternity leave, aged 32, I heard a programme on the radio which listed the top 10 things all women should do before turning 40 – this included running a marathon!

It wasn’t until I was 39 that I remembered my personal challenge – I entered the London marathon and then decided that I had better start running. I have been running ever since and have completed 27 marathons, countless half-marathons and almost 200 parkruns. I have run with many, many people and what stands out is how positive and encouraging people are.





I was never interested in running, until 2010 when a few of my friends decided to do Race for Life. I thought 5k can’t be that hard so, with no preparation whatsoever, I just turned up in my pink outfit ready to go. This was the longest 45 minutes in my life! I can’t say I fell in love with running instantly, but there was something pulling me towards it. So, in 2011, I volunteered at the Brighton Marathon; the atmosphere at the finish was just amazing, and the rest is history! I’ve now completed three full and several half marathons, plus various 5k, 5mile and 10k races. I’m not the fastest of runners, and you’re more likely to see me at the back end of the group, but running has definitely become part of my life.




I started running when I moved to the Brighton area and was encouraged by a regular running neighbour to join her.  We had so much fun covering the local footpaths that I didn’t notice the miles clocking up.  The following year the first Brighton Marathon was launched and we thought “why not”? It was a fantastic experience and I have now run three Brighton Marathons and the BM10K.  I also enjoy Parkrun and the company of lots of new running friends.





I took up running when I moved to Brighton in 1996 and joined Brighton & Hove Athletics Club. Five months later, I ran my first London Marathon. I’ve since gone on to run in numerous races over a range of distances, including nine marathons. Since November 2012, I’ve been the assistant coach in the Allison Benton Training Group, which includes some of the best endurance runners in Sussex. I’ve been managing RunBrighton since January 2014, and took ownership of it in August 2015.





I’d been running, on and off, for about ten years without really improving, or even trying to improve. I then stumbled into the Hove Park Time Trial on the 3rd November 2007 for their inaugural event and finished 14th out of 17 runners, in 24:32. The HPTT became Brighton & Hove parkrun and I’ve now completed over 280 parkruns with a PB of 19:38. Since then, I’ve joined a running club and have completed 17 marathons, including two ultra-marathons.





I started running in summer 2010 after watching (by accident) the first Brighton Marathon. Hit by an impending mid-life crisis, and ballooning waistline, I decided to start running in an attempt to keep up with my young family. I got bitten by the ‘running bug’ and have now run over 20 marathons and ultra-marathons, set an Official Guinness World Record for the ‘fastest half marathon dressed as a bottle’, and lost around 20kg. I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Away from running, I’m one of the owners of award-winning local brewery ‘Brighton Bier’ (hence the bottle record), so running also helps try to keep the beer belly at bay!




Running has been an ever-present in my life through team sports but mostly the short, sharp explosive kind. Upon retirement from football I was left with a big gap in my life and so I turned to endurance running as it was the new challenge that I needed. I joined Arena 80 AC to help me with this journey and I continue to learn about and embrace the benefits of my new hobby. I love being off-road and tackling hilly, challenging routes but am comfortable over most distances and terrains. But the biggest plus is the social aspect of meeting and being around so many committed, inspiring fellow runners.




In 2010 I watched a friend run the Brighton Marathon and thought to myself “I can do that; I know I can!” First a 10k, then a few more, then a half marathon, then a few more, then I bravely signed up for Berlin Marathon. I have since run three Brighton Marathons. In seven years I’ve gained valuable experience at a range of distances and discovered a love of running that had laid dormant for decades! I have learned that nothing is more valuable than running with others, sharing knowledge and experiences and having buddies to babble at about running. Your friends can only take so much!