Seminars & Workshops

Click HERE for details of RunBrighton’s Winter 2017/18 Membership and the link to the sign-up form, so you can attend our seminars & workshops for FREE.

The RunBrighton Training Seminars & Workshops are sessions that are designed to help you get the direct information and support you need for your training, improving performance, getting the right nutrition, preventing and fixing injuries, and so on. Listen to talks from the experts and have your questions answered. We have access to a range of expertise and knowledge to guide you.

At the start of our winter training, we held our Prepare to Train seminar (FREE OF CHARGE to RunBrighton’s winter 2017/18 members), on Sunday 3 December.

It began with a practical element, as James Masterson, Physiotherapist with Sundial Clinics, lead our pre-run group warm-up, incorporating some guidance on correct posture & running technique. And, after the run, James took us through some appropriate post-run stretching.

We then received some really useful Nutrition advice from Sandra James, Nutritionist, to ensure our runners fuel properly for their training & racing.

And Jan Lavis, Running Coach, who recently ran her 100th marathon, talked about how to establish realistic race targets and how to train at the correct pace.

In conjunction with our first Sunday run of 2018, Matt Bartsch hosted us at Riptide Health & Fitness, in Hove Park. The morning began with Matt taking us through a pre-run warm-up, including some guidance on posture. Then after our run, Matt was at hand to talk through individual injury concerns, and Darren Teague led a great session on use of the HighRoller.