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Summer 2022 Membership

There are lots of good reasons to sign up for RunBrighton’s Summer 2022 Membership, which provides regular supported Sunday runs from 5th June through to 25th September.

Please read below, and the FAQs page, before you sign up here.

You’ll see we now offer a NEW Premium Membership option.

Whatever your focus, which could be to simply enjoy the camaraderie of group running over the summer or to retain the fitness you gained over the winter, RunBrighton is here for you!

With so many events to choose from, RunBrighton’s summer training gives you the tools and support, within a fun environment, to reach your goal.

Our training will be perfect for anyone targeting an autumn half marathon, such as the very popular, local, Barns Green Half Marathon, 25th September 2022.

However, the training can be adapted, no matter which of the numerous autumn events you’ve chosen to target, in the UK or abroad.

A 12-week program, starting 4th July, will be provided to guide you through your midweek training and help you build up to half-marathon distance by late September.

Membership also entitles you to an attractive range of discounts on local running products and services.

The Summer 2022 (STANDARD) Membership fee is a one-off £99.99.

The Summer 2022 (PREMIUM*) Membership fee is a one-off £145.

The quoted prices are inclusive of any processing fees.

*For full details of the PREMIUM Membership package, please see the FAQs.

Please note that, owing to the extent of planning, and associated costs, of organising our training and other membership benefits, we will unfortunately be unable to offer refunds or deferrals for RunBrighton membership, once signed up.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP for our Summer 2022 Membership.


Autumn 2022
Introduction to Running course

Sign up to our newsletter here, so you don’t miss out on our Autumn 2022 Introduction to Running course (October/November).

This is a 6-week course for beginners, anyone returning to running after a long period of time out, or anyone currently doing minimal running and wanting to progress.

It is perfectly suited to anyone wanting to progress running gradually, with support, guidance, advice and access to a range of associated services.

The course enables you to enjoy a sense of belonging within a friendly & supportive environment, without the concerns of intimidation associated with many gyms & athletics clubs.

We welcome anyone from aged 18 to senior citizens.

We begin with a 30-minute walk/run to suit individual abilities, and over 6 weeks we gradually progress to extend running time.

The goal of our Introduction to Running course is to be able to run for 1 hour (which can include short spells of walking) by the end of the course.

Please see the FAQs page for more detailed info.


Winter 2022/23 Membership

RunBrighton’s winter membership has revolved around providing training and advice for Brighton Marathoners since the event first began in 2010. And we are also the official training partner of the Brighton Half Marathon.

Membership includes regular supported Sunday training runs from late November through to the Marathon in April.

The training will be perfect for anyone targeting Brighton Half Marathon, 26th February 2023, or Brighton Marathon, 2nd  April 2023. And it can be adapted, no matter which of the spring events you are targeting, in the UK or abroad. In fact, many of the RunBrighton runners are targeting Paris Marathon, 2nd  April 2023.

Full details will be provided here, later in the year.

In the meantime, you might wish to sign up to our periodic newsletter, so you’ll hear as soon as the winter membership details are announced.