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Welcome to RunBrighton: a resource for the running community in Brighton and Hove. Here you can find running news, stories, training advice and an extensive directory of all-things-running in and around the city.

We also offer seasonal RunBrighton membership: this focuses on Group Training Runs for your target event, be that the Vitality Brighton Half Marathon (February), Brighton Marathon (April), an autumn race, or if you simply wish to enjoy the camaraderie of group running. Membership also entitles you to an attractive range of discounts on local running-related products and services.


RunBrighton is owned and managed by Mike Bannister.

Mike runs for Brighton & Hove Athletics Club and is the assistant coach in the Allison Benton Training Group, which includes some of the best endurance runners in Sussex.

Mike is also the author of Running for the B-Team, (published December 2015).

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“Running for the B-Team is a lovely comical account of a journey to become a sub-3hr marathon runner. This is a story of determination, a never-give-up attitude and meticulous attention to detail (albeit often in the wrong areas)! Mike Bannister’s ability to laugh at himself, as well as ridicule his running mates and portray the funny side of an array of running situations, makes this a most amusing and entertaining read.”

Mike Gratton
Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist (1982)
London Marathon Winner (1983)
Owner of 2:09 Events

“Mike will tell you that no race begins at the start line. To run your perfect race is all about preparing well. In this book Mike presents his personal story to argue this point. You’re left in no doubt that he loves and lives for his running. Less obvious perhaps is how he has persevered in his journey, both to achieve his running goal and to put his story into print. It’s worth reading!”

Richard Nerurkar
World Cup Marathon Winner (1993)
Olympic Marathon 5th Place (1996)

Email mike@runbrighton.com to order your signed copy of

Running for the B-Team, (£9.99).